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Peace Study Tour (Southern Part of Okinawa ) 南部平和学習・文化体験コース

■ Contents 内容
・The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters 旧海軍司令部豪
・Himeyuri Peace Museum ひめゆりの塔
・Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum 沖縄平和記念公園
・Culture Kingdom Gyokusendo おきなわワールド

■ DATE 日程
February 9th, (SAT), 2013.

■ Tuition Fee 受講料
7,450 JPY (円)
(What's Included 含まれるもの)
Transportation fee, a tour guide, entrance fee, travel insurance 
■ Required Tools 準備するもの 
Shoes, Drinks 靴、飲み物
■ Required Number of Participants 開講必要人数

15 partcipants 15名

■ Remarks 備考 

※Classes may not be opened due to insufficient participants.

※Please note that this information is subject to change without notice.