Japanese Conversation Practice 日本語実践講座

~Learn practical conversational Japanese!~ ~実用的な日本語会話を学ぼう!~

■ Contents 内容

Learn survival Japanese by taking useful classroom lectures and practicing real Japanese conversations in daily life.


■ Class Schedule (Date, Time, & Location) 講座日程

A 4-lesson course with an optional recital at the end.

Date: 4 Sundays, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. (about 120 mins.)

January 27th (SUN) - February 17th (SUN)

Location: Fureai Net ONNA(Map: http://www.onnaweek.jp/?page_id=65

レッスン4回 (+リサイタル1回)

日程:2013年1月27日(日)~2月17日(日) 期間中の日曜日 午後1時~3時 (約120分)

場所:ふれあいネットONNA(Map: http://www.onnaweek.jp/?page_id=65

●Recital ※optional リサイタル ※任意

February 23rd (SAT), 2013.

■ Tuition Fee 受講料

6,000 JPY (円)

■ Materials Cost 教材費 ―

■ Required Materials 準備するもの

Writing utensils 筆記用具

■ Required Number of Participants 開講必要人数

5 participants 5名

■ Quota 定員 ―

■ Remarks 備考 ―

※Classes may not be opened due to insufficient participants.

※Please note that this information is subject to change without notice.