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Those who participated in the teacher training can apply for the teaching position at Onna Elementary School.

No experience needed, All talents welcomed! Get training with our special curriculum.

OLC English Teacher Training (2nd)


2013/02/13 (WED), 3 p.m. ~ 5:30 p.m.: Class observation of “After School English Lessons” at Onna Elementary School

2013/02/18 (MON) ~ 2013/02/21 (THU), 1 p.m. ~ 5 p.m. : Classroom training

Location: B503, OIST

Outline: This course will offer basic training in teaching English to teachers who will be teaching a children's English Program in Onna-son. The English Program will comprise of basic English speaking and writing course for local Japanese schoolchildren - this will include basic speaking and writing exercises along with story-telling experiences, as indicated below.

OIST English Course Beginner's Program

The OIST Beginner's English Program is a program for local Japanese children to learn communicative English, and is designed to give the children a chance to begin speaking English in an enjoyable classroom setting. The children will build their confidence and enjoyment of speaking English through a variety of whole-class, group and pair activities. In each topic area the children will begin by building vocabulary through word games and flashcard activities, then use this vocabulary in simple communicative interactions with their teacher and classmates. The teacher will also introduce basic writing skills in connection with each topic. As the children progress in the curriculum they will gradually widen their abilities and develop their confidence, and throughout the course the emphasis will be on fun and enjoyment to foster a positive attitude to English as an enjoyable way of communicating.

OIST English Course Advanced Program

The OIST Advanced English Program is designed to offer supplementary support and English-language development to native-English-speaking children of OIST staff who are attending the local Japanese elementary school.

Date: Two weekdays after school (15:15 - 16:00, 16:15 - 17:00) ※Subject to change

Location: Onna Elementary School

The English Program Teacher Training will prepare the participating teachers to teach the course above. We will cover basic educational theory, classroom management and materials design, and introduce and demonstrate the curriculum of the English Program. This will be followed with plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice at presenting the material in the English Program curriculum, with feedback and reflection on each activity to hone the teachers' ability to present the curriculum in a smooth and easy-to-understand way that gets the children using English for real communication at their appropriate level.

The English Program Teacher Training is thus an excellent opportunity to gain some basic training and experience of teaching English to children.

    • the teacher training is open to anyone, including non-native speakers of English.
    • the job application process is only open to OIST family members.
    • OIST members and their families who wish to apply for the teaching position are expected to take the teacher training.

※Application deadline is February 11th (MON).

For further information, please contact:

NPO Okinawa Language Center Onna Desk

at 070-6593-4172 or email at olconna@gmail.com