For OIST Members and Their Families: Cultural Classes!

※Registrations will not be accepted after January 16th, 2013.

This page will be updated as classes become available. Please check often if you're interested in any classes.

To be notified by email when new classes are available, please email us at .



最終更新日 1/15,2013 Updated 1.15 2013

Please click any classes you are interested in for more info.


Classes 開講講座

● Japanese Culture 日本文化講座 Now open! 受講生募集中!

● KARATE 空手 Now open! 受講生募集中!

Okinawan Culture 沖縄文化講座

A: World Heritage Tour (Naha City) Now open! 受講生募集中!

B: Peace Study Tour (Southern Part of Okinawa ) Now open! 受講生募集中!

Okinawan Cuisine - Cooking 沖縄料理 Now open! 受講生募集中!

Japanese Conversation Practice日本語実践講座Now open!受講生募集中!

Sanshin 三線 Now open! 受講生募集中!

Calligraphy 書道 Now open! 受講生募集中!

Ryukyu Dance 琉球舞踊 Now open! 受講生募集中!

Most classes will be held at

Fureai Net ONNA:

5973 Onna, Onna Village, Kunigami

Okinawa 904-0411


※Free parking is available.


〒904-0411 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字恩納5973



For further information, please contact:

NPO Okinawa Language Center Onna Desk (Ms.Yamazato)

at 070-6593-4172 or email at